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High Frequency Acne Treatment

by Lyra Carrillo


High frequency machines for acne treatment have been widely used in salons and spas as they are some of the very few devices that can treat back and chest acne. The frequency used in these acne removal devices is between 60,000 and 200,000 hertz. With such high frequency, it can stimulate skin renewal, kill P. acnes bacteria and reduce inflammation.

How High Frequency Can Treat Acne

The esthetician will place an electrode which is attached to a wand over the blemishes. The control dial adjusts the intensity of the infrared light. The light will pass through the glass electrode which is filled with argon or neon gas.

There are two ways to treat acne. The first one is known as sparking. The electrodes will pass through the skin without touching it. This causes sparking between the electrode and the skin. The sparks will combine with oxygen to form ozone. This will introduce oxygen to the bacteria colony on the skin. P. acnes bacteria will die if they don't have enough carbon dioxide.

The second method is a direct contact. The rapid oscillation in the electrodes create a thermal effect. This improves blood circulation and dilates the blood vessels. Thus, toxins can be eliminated faster.

High frequency acne treatment can also control the production of sebum and reduce the size of the pores.

Usually after the session, you can apply other acne treatment products. If you have an oily skin, apply low concentration AHA or glycolic product sparingly together with a moisturizer.

How High Frequency Can Treat Acne Scars

High frequency treatment is ideal for mild acne scars. It is not invasive when compared to laser resurfacing and chemical peels.

It improves blood circulation, encourages cell renewal and increases the production of collagen and elastin. These are essential for healing the scars.

How High Frequency Can Treat Cystic Acne

Cystic acne can be painful. High frequency therapy delivers more oxygen to the skin. This will heal the cysts faster, relieving inflammatory pain.

By reducing the population of P. acnes bacteria, it also ensures that the cystic acne doesn't get worse.

High Frequency Acne Clearing Device

Whenever you have acne, you can visit your esthetician for a quick treatment with the high frequency machine.

But sometimes, you may not have the time to visit any spa or salon.

Today, you can have your own portable high frequency acne machine at the comfort of your home. The principle is the same as the ones used at the spas and salons. The only difference is that you can own one at a fraction of the cost.

Here are some high frequency acne therapy devices that have received some good reviews.

High Frequency Darsonval Acne Therapy Device

Oxyderm High Frequency Acne Tool

High Frequency Machine

If you own a salon or a spa, you can get a professional grade portable high frequency machine to offer anti aging remedy or acne treatment. Palacia UC-3500 has more power than the hand-held devices. Because of its portability, it is not a problem to move the equipment around. This machine is made specially for spa and salon owners.

UC-3500 Professional Grade Portable High Frequency Machine

What Do You Expect During The Treatment?

High frequency machine for acne treatment uses alternating currents. This means you will not notice anything. This is because the direction changes very fast when the electrode pass through your skin.

Even though the frequency is high, it does not contract your muscles. Thanks to its high oscillation which has no effect on your motor or sensory nerves.

But you should feel a warm sensation which comes from the thermal effects of the electrode.

How To Use High Frequency For Acne Treatment

  1. Fit the glass electrode into the wand.
  2. Set the frequency level to zero.
  3. Switch on the high-frequency machine.
  4. Hold the wand and let your finger of the other hand touch the electrode.
  5. Release your finger when you place the electrode on your skin.
  6. Adjust the intensity to a comfortable level.
  7. Move the electrode on the skin using circular motion.
  8. Do it for up to five minutes.
  9. Place your finger on the electrode.
  10. Remove the electrode from your skin.
  11. Switch off the machine.
  12. Sterilize the electrode for next session.

Is High Frequency Acne Treatment Safe?

High frequency treatment is usually safe. However, you should

  • not use AHA or Glycolic Acid products or wear metal jewelry during the session.
  • avoid broken capillaries, spider veins and areas of rosacea.

If the bulb is broken, don't use the equipment. And it should be operated indoor. Make sure there are no combustible materials or water nearby.

This treatment is not ideal for pregnant women or patients with heart disease and pacemakers installed.

High Frequency Acne Benefits

  • safe
  • improve blood circulation
  • remove toxins
  • kill P. acnes bacteria
  • better absorption of skin care products
  • reduce the size of pores
  • remove dead skin cells
  • prevent the overproduction of sebum
  • reduce inflammation and redness
  • accelerate healing


High frequency acne machines are a safer alternative to invasive approaches such as laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and chemical peels. They works better than antibiotics because the bacteria cannot develop immunity against ozone.

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